Geology Trails of Northern California

This is an exciting new hiking guide written by seasoned hikers, one of whom is a California Registered Geologist. With this guide, you can explore some of the most fascinating landscapes in California, including volcanoes, caves, earthquake faults, unusual rock formations, mines, and much more. Over 100 trails are included, giving detailed descriptions of the trails, directions to the trailheads, the difficulty, mileage, and many points of interest. Most of the trails are short and easy, suitable for almost any level of day-hiker. Get a copy today and hit the trails!

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Authors: Robin C. Johnson and Dot Lofstrom, PG
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ISBN: 1-889786-31-4
Publisher: Gem Guides Books
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Price: $14.95

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Hikes included in this volume are:

  1. Klamath Mountains and the North Coast
  2. Cascades
  3. Modoc Plateau
  4. Coast Ranges
  5. Great Valley
  6. Sierra Nevada